History of Uses and Functions of the Bible in the Lives of African Americans

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Start Date: 
Wednesday, January 1, 1997
End Date: 
Monday, December 31, 2001

Vincent Wimbush of Union Theological Seminary, New York, examined the dynamics of interaction between African Americans and the Bible. The study engaged with all aspects of the African-American culture, not just the religious, beginning with the time when they first came into the New World. Wimbush assembled a team of scholars to examine the role the Bible played through various land mark events in the collective lives of the African-American community: through slavery, migrations, urban adjustments, the Civil Rights era and on into the late 20th century. The findings to the study were presented and critiqued in a national conference and eventually published in a book titled “African Americans and the Bible: Sacred Texts and Social Textures” (Continuum, 2000).